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Country: Australia

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Our songstress Donna Campbell has spent 24 years creating music for the people. In T.V, variety, Contemporary rock, corporate and with a wealth of knowledge in function and events coordinating you can feel confidant and comfortable to leave your audience in her capable hands. Accompanying Donna is some of Australia’s most accomplished musicians and introducing from Poland one of its great exports of smooth contemporary jazz, salsa and master of the “Mallet Kat” pianist and percussionist Miroslaw Galczynski. Music is an important part of every event and can help make a night not only memorable but a success and should be taken seriously. Creating the right music and performance is what we take seriously. Whether it is a small function or large function SMOOTHAZZ will make your event a success.


SMOOTHAZZ’ creates silky smooth musical arrangements that even the purists will be satisfied to listen to.
SMOOTHAZZ’ gets back to basic’s using the latest studio recording samples of real musicians producing soundscapes that are as good as having a live four or six piece band all created by only two or three people on stage.
With an acoustic live sound ‘SMOOTHAZZ’ brings to life smooth groove contemporary jazz sets complete with soulful, latin and contemporary songs. ‘SMOOTHAZZ’ professionally produces every performance to ensure that your party’s ‘feel’ and ‘sound’ is just the way you want it.
So who are ‘SMOOTHAZZ’?
We want your event to be one that your guests will never forget. Critical to this is how the musical programming creates that unique ‘ambience’ and ‘vibe’ that you are looking for. Music is critical to setting the mood and style of any event, so ‘SMOOTHAZZ’ wants to work with you to make sure that everything complements your event’s design.
So when you want to create that special mood or want to
replicate a specific ‘vibe’ speak to ‘SMOOTHAZZ’ today.
Creating the right music and performance is what we take seriously.
Poland is renowned for its love of music and its export of musical talent and Miroslaw Galczynski is yet another exponent of musical talent who is wowing audiences with his unique MALLET KAT Electronic version of the Vibraphone and marimba in his first solo performance here in Australia…..
‘Wowing audiences with his unique MALLET KAT performance’
Accompanying great Artists such as:
Now to see him today with his own show is one not to be missed, Miroslaw is ready to bring to the stage an exciting and unique instrumental musical experience on the MALLET KAT.
From classical to contemporary, jazz to pop.
With his charismatic charm and wit and energy you will love his performance.....

here’s what people are saying
Having captivated Australian and overseas audiences with her dynamic stage presence, vocal ability & show-stopping impressions.
Be it clubs, cabaret or corporate conventions, Donna will leave even your 'hard to please' audience begging for more.
“I’ve watched as Donna has grown dramatically as a maturing performer, gathering her experiences of life and folding them back into her own performances. Working with me, Donna was a funny, dynamic, exciting & professional performer, who was able to turn her characters from hilarious to pathetic in a blinding flash”
Normie Rowe
“Donna is blessed with a great sense of humour and fun and above all puts the audience first. If they enjoyed it she was happy, something I’ve always believe in, belonging to a service industry”.
Glenn Shorrock
To see her rip the shreds off the classics one after another and leaving them on the stage floor for the cleaners to sweep up at the end of the act, adds up to an explosion of variety.
H.G. Nelson
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