Basic Desire (feat. Paulina Caine)
Location: Perth, Perth
Country: Australia

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BASIC DESIRE are an Australian duo who combine electronic sounds with melodic vocals, creating lush ambient landscapes and releasing some of the country's most beautiful and haunting ambient/electronic music.

The band consists of Paulina Caine – the lead vocalist and lyricist, and Henry Kubik – the composer who also produces the music.

The group originally got together in 1999 under the name of FLAME, and started out as a dance oriented outfit. This collaboration landed them various radio and television appearances (Channel 7, ABC, Radio Krakowand an independent release of songs in UK and Poland.

FLAME’s early songs were still being played on radio stations around Australia (see: ABC and SBS) when, given their passion for ballads and electronic music, Paulina and Kubik decided to change direction to their current project – BASIC DESIRE.

As BASIC DESIRE, they performed at many festivals around the country (including, but not limited to: PolArt Festival, Christmas Concerts in Darling Harbour, Sydney Festival, Perth Festival, Kosciuszko Run and National Multicultural Festival in Canberra) and toured with overseas acts, such as BoneyM. Paulina has also been invited to perform the National Anthem on various occasions for major sporting events. Recently, Paulina joined forces with singer/pianist Ric Stern to form "The Entertainers" and embark on a musical adventure quite diverse from her electronic musical path.

Paulina received classical training, but decided to pursue a pop career, performing with a number of original and cover bands around W.A. ( Flame, On the Edge, Chemical Jane, Accents, Jamez Jonez & Ric Stern). Her esoteric and extremely expressive voice, is the driving force behind BASIC DESIRE, allowing the group to develop such a powerful style of music. It has been compared to the delicate and sweet sound of Julee Cruise, as well as, to the dynamic range of Sara Brightman.

Kubik has already produced two albums that have given him recognition in Australia. He has released 'The Touch' in 1995 and later on, “Beyond…” that has further enhanced his reputation as one of the best emerging electronic composers.

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