Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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Anything can happen, depending on the influences the players bring to the mix.  When you combine the infectious and personal side of country with the traditional sounds of Celtic and infuse them with the contemporary influence of rock and funky syncopation you will get a combination that may or may not work.

Steve Passfield’s Handpicked Band not only have it working a treat but are connecting in a big way with audiences around town and on tour.

Like life itself, Passfield’s original songs bear the influences of many styles and experiences, with an unpretentious delivery and lyric that says the things we all feel.

And with “take away” melodies you can’t forget.

Along with a touch of forgivable idiocy and a stirring grasp of the entertainment ethic, Handpicked have their audiences dancing and foot tapping into the night.

More than a decade of performance, that has given birth to two fine CDs – with another on the way – has seen the band evolve into a valid part of the Australian musical landscape with promise of much for the future.

With the ability to deliver credible and engaging performances  in both genre, Steve Passfield’s Handpicked Band has an unfair advantage in winning over audiences at both Country and Folk festivals.

Handpicked are on the move so keep an eye on the gig guides for a show worth leaving the TV for.

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