Location: California 805, San Luis Obispo Santa Maria
Country: United States

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The Kilz have been around for over 10 years. They are considered to be the sound of the past today. Pissed off lyrics, true to their guns, and able to summon energy out of their crowds, the Kilz are Californias best kept secrete.


F.D.Brat                        Lead Vocals
DamienSetAgainst       Bass, Backup Vocals
James Vep                    Guitar, Backup Vocals
Milez                             Drums, Backup Vocals
If you haven't heard of the Kilz then I guess you could describe their sound as straight up dirty old school punk rock the way it was intended to sound. Something of a mixture in parts of bands like The Germs, Exploited, G.G. Allin, Black Flag, D.I., you get the point.
Formed sometime in 2000 by...Felix D. Brat(guitar), Josh Silva(vocals), Sean Barr(bass), and Josh Barnhart(drums).
The year 2004 saw Josh Silva get married and move away, Felix switch to vocals, Sean switch to guitar, and DamienSetAgainst(Johnny Cock And The Nuts,) join on bass. Sometime before playing a show with this lineup, Josh Silva would divorce, move back, and rejoin on second vocals. Josh would play a few shows then disappear again this time to prison until 2008. All this taking place within less than a year.
Summer 2006 would see Josh Barnhart move away with his other band. Over the next year, The Kilz would go through about 50 drummers each only surviving 1 Kilz show. At the end of this run Sean would leave the band of exaustion from training all 50 drummers. At this point in the summer 2007, The Kilz would borrow/steal 2 members of Crisis Point. With Evan on guitar and Miles ending the long line of revolving drummers the Kilz didn't miss a show. The final lineup change would happen in April of 2008 when James Vep(Redux) would step in to take over on guitar.
Shortly after, a self titled 6 song EP was recorded and released on Bitch Slap Records with this lineup. Look for a Kilz full length early 2010.
United States
Germs, Exploited, Poison Idea, Spermbirds, Minor Threat, GG Allin, Circle Jerks, Damned
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