Feed The Cats - JAZZ
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Originally formed in 1987 by TV Actor Paul Dawber (Son's & Daughters, Neighbours) & Shane Ryall, "Feed The Cats" was the busiest 'Jazz, Swing & Blues' combo in Melbourne with 6 gigs a week from 1987-1990. A reunion was organised recently to mark 30 years since the bands formation at The Dogs Bar in St.Kilda. This proved so successful that the band has officially reformed and plays regularly at that venue. "Feed The Cats" is fronted by veteran film, theatre & television actor Paul Dawber (Vocals & Congas) and is backed up by Shane Ryall (Guitar), Steve Murphy (Saxophone), Chris Skepper (Trumpet), Peter Buelke (Double Bass) & Tom McEwan (Drums & Vocals).

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