Natural Jazz Band
Location: Shanghai, Brisbane
Country: Australia

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From the tropical islands of Mauritius and Australia Natural Jazz is one of the few touring Jazz bands with their own unique approach to music combining jazz and entertainment to suit any music lover. Previously at the House of Blues and Jazz Shanghai, Natural Jazz are ¡°bringing the house down leaving packed clubs yelling for more¡± Shanghai Daily; Dec, 2006. An Australian singer's first meeting with three Mauritian musicians for the opening of the popular Back Street Jazz club has naturally, turned into a partnership that has lasted over two years. The music is highly rhythmic, with lively Mauritian beats perfectly matched by the soulful and remarkable range of vocalist Ce-Ce. In addition to mixing musical elements from the different cultures, the band also presents a fusion of musical sounds from different genres including blues, reggae, funk, soul and R & B with jazz the underlying feature. The entertainment is priceless, each show magical as they pour out their souls right before your very eyes¡­. The proof is in the listening!!!


Charlotte - Lead Vocals and Band Leader

Ce-Ce has always been a performer.  From working with Big bands to musical theatre productions an Entertainer is born with certain people skills that cannot be learnt. An extensive background in one of Australia¡¯s only professional Theatres the ¡°Comedy Castle¡± she spent six years performing various characters and using interactive entertainment to dazzle Gold Coast tourists from all over the world. It was the perfect training for her Career as a Jazz singer/Artist.

 CHARLOTTE CLARE LOOKER (aka: Ce-Ce) Subsequently Ce-Ces voice shows her lifetime of experience as she sings from her heart, pouring out pure emotion. Amazing dynamics with an enormous range and complete understanding of her instrument make every song a pleasure to listen to. Many reviews are commenting, "she just has one of those voices that you never get sick of listening to" Hiro Shimamoto, Japan Jazz Times Angelic yet soulful ­how does such a big voice fit into such a little body?!! Chamu Allen, Club Scene Magazine.

THE NATURAL JAZZ MUSICIANS Mauritius is a country rich in music culture. A country that used to survive on manufacturing Rum and cane sugar the Island saw a complete makeover when its doors were opened to tourism over seventy years ago. A hidden tropical paradise surrounded by coral reef and inhabited by people that have a ¡®no stress¡¯ approach to life. The island now hosts hundreds of 5 to 7 Star resorts that are the training ground for Mauritian Musicians to receive the professional work and experience required to last in the big cities. Their culture is unique and the music is world class.


SAMUEL APPAPOULAY - PIANO/KEYBOARDS Sam is a musical genius who has the ability to re originate any song he plays. A deep understanding of music and his piano stem from over ten years of professional work and experience playing Jazz and all types of commercial music. The influence of Sega and Reggae from his hometown of Mauritius gives dull standards a fresh new makeover and listeners an opportunity to fall in love with the beauty of Jazz. Never will you hear a song played the same twice as each performance takes a new approach to its delivery.

DAMIEN BANZIGOU - BASS/GUITAR/VOCALS Before joining the NJ band Damien had been working with the resident Rage band at Le Meridien Resort Mauritius. Over six years professional experience has given Damien a vast range of repertoire and enabled him to gain valuable training from a young age. His influences range from modern Rock groups to timeless funk bands giving a modern sound to the Jazz Standards NJ performance. His angelic voice make him a favorite with the ladie

Client to provide: Stage / performance area, power, meals, refreshments, a greenroom / private and secure change room and parking close to venue

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