Sassy Catch
Location: Perth
Country: Australia

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Sassy Catch - the vintage burlesque jazz singer

Carving a niche market between Cabaret and Broadway by singing your favourite songs of the 
MGM film stars in a vintage to vaudevillian style, be enthralled by her magnificent voice and
unmistakable charm as this divinely costumed theme chameleon entertains your crowd.

Sassy Catch offers 2 spectacular show styles over 5 Era Specific Themes.

When Sassy is not singing, Era/Themed music is played to enhance your chosen theme.
Tailored options are available to better suit your event and all shows are suitable for
corporate functions, private parties, public events and can be made family friendly.

Have we captured your curiosity?  

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Sassy offers TWO fantastic show styles:

Choice 1– Atmospheric Background Style Show

How Long -  1 Hour - 2 Hours - 3 Hours


This show has NO Talking to or Mingling with the crowd.

The show creates an alluring and inviting atmosphere with Sassy dressed in an amazing costume
with her magnificent voice crooning into a vintage microphone as  your guests relax and
feel comfortable totalk, drink or dine within your corporate event or private party.

Place Sassy on stageas  a stunning centrepiece or intimately  placed  quietly into a corner.


Choice 2– Crowd Interactive Style Show

How Long -  1 Hour - 2 Hours - 3 Hours


This show HAS talking to and or Mingling with the crowd.
The show creates a vibrant atmosphere and a unique, unforgettable entertainment experience.

Dressed in an incredible costume and with set of fantastic tunes on her lips,
Sassy’s witty banter, wiggle and wink in her eye occasionally captures your client’s attention
as she reads the crowd and gives the correct performance to suit your event.

The show can be kept to the stage or you can request Sassy to mingle with and sing to your crowd.
This will have your clients talking gleefully about the memorable moment where Sassy sung to me!

Era Specific Themes

  Roaring 20’s- Art Deco to Tin Pan Alley                  

Hollywood 50’s- Glamorous Movie Music             

Retro Jazz– Hip, Cool n Swingin Jazz Standards

                   Mad Men- Sophisticated Chic n Mellow Tunes                       

Vintage Christmas- Festive n Merry Jazz Tunes


Sassy looks and sounds different in each era.
ou can colour match your event and pick what costume  Sassy wears.

Sassy is a theme chameleon looking and sounding different in each era specific theme.

Why have Sassy once when you can have her many times!

Avoid the headache and uncertainty of hiring unknown entertainment
and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with hiring Sassy who is on-stage and off reliable,
flexible and professional everytime.

Is your theme not offered here?
Please still enquire with your theme idea as Sassy’s themes can be tailored to better suit your event.


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To listen to Sassy Catch sing a MP3 song sampler
from EACH theme!


"Sassy sounds like Marilyn Monroe morphed into Doris Day with the attitude of Eartha Kitt"

"Sassy is a pleasure to deal with. Professional, reliable and flexible everytime."


Book Sassy today and create an exhilarating moment in your next event.

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