Location: Gold Coast
Country: Australia

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Bachelor of Art and Music

Over 20 years of performance behind me

Started playing my brothers drums at the age of 5 , then i seen Ringo Star play with the beatles and that was it lol.

Moved to Australia at the age of 8 and till I was 13 music never surfaced again , at 14 I started a band and then worked my way to pay my tuition at the conservatorium of music and arts , started from scratch with percussion , over 25 years later i started working with restaurant bands and from there moved on to an agent and started to work with overseas entertainers , then after a couple of years I got to travel to a few islands and play with some of the local bands that were in need of a Latin conga player , travelled for a while till a dear friend of mine needed me to do a tour in the sea princes with him and his wife , then he called me back to work in Kyoto Japan for 9 months , did a few recordings in Hawaii a radio interview in the island of Hilo and played with 3 local bands there also , it has been a rewarding time for me , now I’m back and as fired up as always , I’m sure I will get back on top and do what I always did in my life . so be aware the CongaKid is here he is back and he is going to show you the window to your soul with his conga beat .. come on in and join my page ...
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