Location: Carrum, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Savore are a Latin instrumental Solo, Duo, Trio or Quartet available for small or large occasions. Suitable for private home parties, wedding pre-dinner drinks and during dinner, corporate functions, restaurants and out door parties. We provide that perfect background music (at a comfortable volume level) when you wish to entertain your guests  whilst talking, wining and dining. Yes the perfect Live Background Music you just won't find anywhere else. 

Styles of Latin performed include: Bossa, Samba, Bolero, Cha Cha, Rumba and Tango.

About the musicians in Savore

All musicians who perform with Savore either as a solo, duo, trio or quartet are all capable of improvisations and performing solos for all  the Latin styles performed.  This is an essential requirement of  Savore and brings with it many exciting moments to a tune for the listener.

Valentino Gikovski - Guitarist

Val has studied flamenco guitar in Spain under one of the masters and brings a bright energetic feel to the trio with experienced improvisation and performance. Val has produced a number of his own CD's with flamenco as his main passion.  .

Val started guitar at a very early age and has performed with many Latin Bands in Melbourne, Sydney and Europe. He has also performed many solo shows , duo's and trio's all Latin oriented.

When Val performs with Savore he locks into the other musicians playing and adds  a tasteful colour that brings excitement and adventure to Savore.
Val's superb ability to interpret a piece of music enables his improvisational skills to add nuances and expressions  uplifting the tune and binding the chemistry with the other musicians. Yes we have slightly tamed his flamenco soul to the Samba's, Bossa's and Bolero's.

Raju Sharma - Percussionist/Drummer

Raju on congas is a gifted percussionist/drummer who is an integral member of Savore. Raju confidently keeps the groove to enable the other musicians freedom to experiment and move around within a piece of music.

Having been trained on many different types of percussion and drums, Raju has the natural ability to provide stunning percussion solos enhancing the trio's sound taking it to a higher plain of musicianship.  This is something not to be missed as it adds a nice feel to the music breaking up the two guitars.

Raju is very ingenious when it comes to creating a particular sound with minimal equipment. You never know what he'll get up to in the middle of an improvisation.

Mark Worrall - Guitarist

Mark has performed in many bands in Melbourne and Sydney and has several years experience bringing a wealth of talent to Savore. Taking up the guitar at a young age and not looking back, he was captured by it's sound and flexibility and bloomed into the brilliant musician he is today.

He articulates magnificent improvisations and has a natural flow of ideas expressed through his guitar. He is definitely invigorating to listen to as he captures the feel of each piece with taste and talent.

Holly Brick - Bassist

Holly plays 5 string bass and comes from a family of musicians. She plays many instruments being multi-talented, but tends to keep the bass as her major instrument. Holly's improvisations are exciting to hear with magnificent dynamics being able to move the band with her as she progresses on an idea.

She is quick to pick up on an idea and is able to bring it out on the bass like a natural flow. So exciting to listen to. When holding the tune down, she locks in solid with Raju  and two become one.

Owen Thomson - Guitarist  (Tasmanian Connection)

Owen is a maestro on the guitar having started at a very early age.
He has the ability to go beyond the norm and take the music to higher heights with the greatest of ease.

Owen has been an integral member of Savore  for many years (whilst in Melbourne) and upon returning to Hobart, become Savore's Tasmanian connection for  performances in and around Hobart.

Chris Gogerly - Guitarist

Chris has several years experience performing on the guitar and brings a soulful feel to the  music.   He loves improvisation as this allows him the freedom to express his feelings and provides a medium which he is very comfortable with when performing with the other musicians.


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