Nick Rowe - Piano Music
Location: Neutral Bay , Sydney
Country: Australia

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Nick started learning piano from the age of 5 years old Nick his professional Career at 18 years old, playing the Famous Pavillions Piano Bar/Restaurant at the Netanya Noosa Resort. He has played in several well known Noosa restaurants/resorts from Jaspers Cafe to the Noosa Lakes Motel,Sheraton Noosa/Hyatt Coolum Whilst in Noosa, Nick had the opportunity to do a gig with the Late Frank Johnson. In the late 80s Nick had the opportunity to meet the Late Ron Edgworth who inspired Nick to work on his piano playing. Musically his music ranges from Contemporary , Jazz/Blues , and recently he has moved on to 80s 90's rock genre.
In the Mid 90s Nick lived in Melbourne and has played at the Rockmans Regency in the heart of Melbourne. Living in Melbourne Nick has had the opportunity meet some of Melbourne's well known Jazz Musicians Julie O hara, Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Gil Askey, they had a profound influence on his life and helped inspire him to keep the Jazz Dream alive. In recent years Nick has been residing in sydney and has been now spending his time writing his own music.  He is currently rehearsing to Launch some music gigs within the next few months. His Sice project has been ACNR an original Duo with Aldo Cirkovic
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