Euro Band Australia - Oktoberfest
Location: Moore Park Beach, Bundaberg
Country: Australia

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Basically we bring the toe taping atmosphere with no one resisting to dance to our Polkas, Waltzes, Marches, you name it, we will do any function from little to big shows. Our music selection will sell beer and more beer to a roaring party you never seen before. Sorry for the cleaners the next day. We are a five men Oktoberfest Band, but we can perform as Duo, Trio or with more members for small or larger venues. We are prepared to fly interstate or overseas if all expenses are paid for. We are highly respected and very reliable to perform promptly at agreed venues.

We are always dressed to the performing standards in traditional costumes and lederhosen, we speak, sing and play traditional authentic music in German/Bavarian/Austrian for Oktoberfest and Beer-fest. We are ready for any occasion and can adjust for audience participation at any given time. For big function like Oktoberfest which is our busiest time of the year, plenty notice is required. Let's put EuroBand the real "Bavarian/Germans" in your next functions...we will boost your fundraiser event or sales, your audiences will love us...! 





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