Location: Central Coast, Sydney
Country: Australia

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Novakayn is a 5 piece Pop/Rock band who are passionate about being real in their music and attitudes, and passionate about World Peace. Geoff Anderson/guitarist-songwriter, Linda Knight/Vocals, Kaz Field-Anderson/Lead vocals-writer,Vince Knight/Lead Guitar, Gio Ruscio/Percussion. The band have toured extensively thru the U.S and Oz and their music has been loved by the crowds. Novakayn are rapidly on the rise, with a movie deal in the worx, an full page in-depth interview with American Mag - Beat Street, a distribution deal and the offers keep coming. Our Music Our music comes from our hearts to yours. Every person that listens to our music becomes a part of our family. We work tirelessly responding to every email and message , and know that without you, there is no us! We keep it real in both our music and our attitudes. You will find our music easy to listen to, full of catchy hooks, melodic, great harmonies and at times, poignant, but always full of emotion and energy. Press "After attending their gig in Hollywood last night, their songs just stick in your head, I am STILL singing 'I Believe'! The sign of great songs. — Michelle, Billboard Magazine USA World Peace They have started a cause which is run and lead by Kaz, lead vocalist. Kaz received an email from a fan in Iraq, who told her about his family's plight in the war. They feel imprisoned and oppressed in their own homes, and dont know whether they will live another day. Together, through music, love and determination, we WILL change the world...and dance our socks off whilst doing it! Peace and Love xx
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