Mineral Turpentine
Location: Bexley, Sydney
Country: Australia

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Mineral Turpentine are a punk rockin' four piece from Sydney. They play punk hits from the 70's, including 'God save the Queen' by The Sex Pistols and 'White Riot' by The Clash as well as original punk and reggae-based material.
While promoting the ethos of energy over virtuosity, Mineral Turpentine are experienced and accomplished musicians from diverse backgrounds. Tony Flint, on vocal and rhythm guitar, is a professional music teacher, composer, pianist and drummer with over 30 years industry experience. Mike DeVere on lead guitar and backing vocals has been playing professionally in Sydney, Canberra and Tasmania for many years. John Layton (bass) and Sam Balchin (drums) are both entertainment industry professionals with high level musical skills and commitment.

Mineral Turpentine offer a live experience that is loud, energetic and authentic, with sing-a-long songs that echo an era of ground-breaking music. They provide a slick, professional show that charts the development of punk rock from New York City to London and Sydney, and insert excellent original material more appropriate to the modern age. Mineral Turpentine can transform an event or celebration with just the right amount of anarchy and humour as befits the occasion.

Mineral Turpentine can also play in acoustic mode - acoustic guitars, tea-chest bass and traditional percussion, and have performed many successful, if unusual, gigs  in this mode.

Biography - recent live shows

3/2010 - Singers and Songwriters Night @ Newtown RSL
2/2010 - Roxbury Hotel
2/2010 - Private party
2/2010 - Illawarra Folk Festival
1/2010 - Singers and Songwriters Night @ Newtown RSL
12/2009 - Lewisham Hotel
12/2009 - Private party
11/2009 - Monster Skatepark Birthday Bash
10/2009 - Monster Skatepark Old Sk8ers Vert Night

US release of "Stop the War" on 'Punk Kills Vol 14' on 272 Records May 2010
Mp3s available on www.myspace.com/theturps2010

Repertoire - Covers

White Riot                                           The Clash
Should I stay or should I go?          The Clash
London Calling                                 The Clash
Police and Thieves                           The Clash
What do I get?                                    The Buzzcocks
Love You More                                  The Buzzcocks
Ever Fallen in Love...?                      The Buzzcocks
That's Entertainment                          The Jam
Suzy is a Headbanger                      The Ramones
I Wanna be Sedated                         The Ramones
Blitzkreig Bop                                     The Ramones
Problems                                             The Sex Pistols
Pretty Vacant                                       The Sex Pistols
Anarchy in the UK                              The Sex Pistols
God Save the Queen                         The Sex Pistols
Peaches                                               The Stranglers
Stranded                                               The Saints
Holiday in Cambodia                         The Dead Kennedys
Nazi Punks                                           The Dead Kennedys
So They Owe Us a Living?               Crass
The Passenger                                    Iggy Pop
I Wanna Be Your Dog                        Iggy Pop
White Light White Heat                      The Velvet Underground

Repertoire - Originals

Smash the Fascist Junta
On the Turps
Shire Girls
Trust a Junkie
I've got Everything
Problem with Authority
Drumkit in the Loungeroom
Neanderthal Man
Everything Makes me Angry
Stop the War
Ain't got Nuthin'
Girl in Uniform

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