Location: Epping, Sydney
Country: Australia

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KWITS is an aussie rap crew from the sick city of Sydney consisting of six emcees. KWITS was originally formed in 2001 in the Carlingford/Epping area by four school friends. Only two of the original members remain (Dseeva & Sceptic) as St. J & MF2 went their seperate ways. Sceptic & Dseeva recruited four other talented emcees,(Kaos, 2Far, Mick Dirty and Count Bils), to re-unite KWITS, re-establishing the clan to create a fierce, evil rap force destined to infect your ears.

Dseeva is an all round MC/Producer. Sceptic is an MC, who is known for his technical rhymes and sloppy, drunken freestyles. Count Bils is an MC who is known for his laid back, abstract style with writtens and wittingly enertaining freestyles. 2Far is constantly freestyling & battling anywhere he goes. 2Far-Ken-Evil acquired his name from always taking things too far and saying things to stun and shock listeners. Kaos is an MC who is known for his rough and rugged lyrics when freestyling or writing. Micky D is an MC who is known for saying whatever he wants, wherever he wants. Mick Dirty has the tendency to say disgusting things that highly offend and irritate people. 

KWITS have performed at a variety of venues across Sydney since their premier performance at the Mandarin Club in January 2007, including - Lewisham Hotel opening for Com:Baton's hardcore party High Calibre, Abercrombie Hotel for 567's 2nd Bday bash alongside the legendary Def Wish Cast, 2.L.O.C.O., Fortay, Ikan, Grouce, Reverse Polarities, Sydney Serchaz, Thats Them and Deluxe, Down For The Cause at Club 77 with Double & bIGLU and numerous more.

KWITS have released an EP titled SOLID OBJEKTS (September 2006) and a mixtape titled PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION (May 2007), consequently rupturing hundreds of stunned eardrums throughout the world. Sceptic & Dseeva's debut album (as a duo) [HIP-HOP PSYKOSIS] is now available, with a second KWITS mixtape and a KAOS album [WELCOME TO KAOS] coming in 2008. KWITS are keen to collaborate with any local artists, whether they be producers, djs or emcees. Knowledge Wisdom Intelligence Terror Strength. Respect to all Aussie Hip-Hop. SUB CONSCIOUS/HOODLUM STATUS RECORDS. WHAT WHAT!!!

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