Konvikted Souls
Location: Bayswater, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Welcome to the Konvikted Souls world. This five piece rock act have a tuff but catchy sound that is all there own.After recording a 4 track demo about six months ago, and performing live in various venues around Melbourne, these talented young artist have really developed there sound and style which continues to grow as dose there fan base.

Their live performances and crowed interaction really gets a dull crowd rocking. The band have 4 tracks recorded, with another 20 tracks written and all are as good as the next. All the music is written by the band and with Mark Batt on lead guitar, his style and talent will sure to raise a few eyebrows and get a few fist's punching. Derick Wright on bass is a key member to the K.S. camp and has writen many of the catchy bass lines and songs, his tellent on the bass will have have you hooked. Scott McVeigh on vocals brings his dark gritty voice to give the tunes that dirty sound with style, this exceptional artist has all the makings of a rock star and is only a matter of time before every one know who he is!

On the thundering drums is Mark Dervisoski, the engery released from this monster of a drummer will leave you feeling numb! New member to K.S. is Dave Sandler on rythem who's tellented riffs fuels the groups overall fatter sounds and keeps it together.

Some of the venues played-  Dv8, Cornish Arms, Barley Corn Hotel, Bondys Bar, plus others.

The unique sound from K.S gives these guys an edge and a style all of there own with songs like, Lady D, AMP, What do you take me for, Feels like Nothing and there new one Charmed, you will be craving more.

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