Seek The Silence
Location: Northern Beaches, Sydney
Country: Australia

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Emerging from Sydney's Northern Beaches, Seek The Silence is reviving the glory days of punk rock and 'Good old Rock n Roll'. None stop shows with pulsating beats, raunchy guitars and blistering vocals, these guys are showing that real music is still available.

Seek The Silence have been playing the major pubs/nightclubs and clubs around Sydney and interstate for the past 4 years. These venues include -

  • The Lansdowne Hotel
  • The Gaelic Club
  • The Annadale Hotel
  • Canturbury Hurlstone Park RSL
  • South Sydney Juniors
  • The Harbord Diggers Club
  • The Manly Fishos
  • The Wall , Bald Faced Stag Hotel
  • In Store at Utopia records
  • Tote Hotel ( Fitzroy VIC)
  • Bar Open ( Collingwood VIC)
  • Pot Belly ( Canberra)

              Just to name a few...

With the release of their EP in early December 2011, the band have been touring Melbourne, Canberra and the south coast, showcasing their unique tyle of punk rock originals which have been packing them in at their shows. Mixed in with some of the most popular covers around, its easy to see why these guys are picking up a worldwide fanbase.

The band will be returning to Melbourne later this year and have a Queensland tour on the way. Our set list comprises the following songs

  • Am I ever going to see your face again                
  • Take a long line
  • Summer of 69
  • Blitzkreig bop
  • Small things
  • The middle
  • Responsibility
  • You've got to fight
  • Everlong
  • You give love a bad name
  • Better
  • Betterman
  • Time of your life
  • Don't change
  • Kryptonite
  • Arthur
  • Killing in the name of
  • Toxicity  
  • Black betty
  • White wedding
  • Hotel California
  • Anarchy In The UK
  • Tribute
  • Fever for the flavour
  • Smells like teen spirit
  • Under the bridge
  • Man overboard 
  • Rock n Roll all night
  • plus many more .....including Seek The Silence originals 

keep rockin'


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