Nichaud Fitzgibbon - Jazz singer
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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" Talented Melbourne vocalist Nichaud Fitzgibbon, blends something old and something new into the same mix. Transmogrified and freshened up, her repertoire is painted in colours that may have seemed inconceivable but work perfectly well. Her voice floats across clever arrangements transforming a repertoire that includes Richard Rodgers, Cole Porter and Hoagy Carmichael making it all sound fresh and new "..... Leon Gettler ( The Age Green Guide) 2006

" Deep in The Night ... an impressive set of quality songs delivered with unerring judgment and panache by Fitzgibbon "..... Adrian Jackson (The Bulletin )April 2006

" Regarded as Australia's finest jazz stylist Nichaud Fitzgibbon has been gracing us with her distinctive smouldering ways for years, she entrances audiences with her beautiful smoky vocal quality and her natural sense of swing. She can rustle a boisterous Latin feel at whim and then melt you with her restraint. Nichaud has made a trademark with her chameleon ways."
...Xenia Hanusiak ( The Herald Sun ) 2004

" She's a natural and she's gorgeous "..... Mark Murphy ( World renowned jazz vocalist ) 2004

" She is a fabulous singer with a smoky style "..... Barry Humphries ( World famous satirist ) 2001

" She brings freshness and vitality to the standard repertoire thanks to her rich and alluring voice. She impresses as a mature stylist who knows exactly how she wants to interpret every song "
.....Adrian Jackson ( The Age ) 2001

" She entrances audiences with a beautiful, warm and mellow vocal quality that taps every emotion "......Kevin Jones( The Australian ) 2001

“ She’s great, she just oozes sex appeal, one of the sexiest singers I have ever seen "
.... Dr. Karl S. Kruszelnicki. ( Famous Australian Scientist ) 2002

“ There are many young women, these days, who claim to be 'Jazz singers'. Often, however, their only justification for this name is the addition of mannerisms, which they fondly imagine to be Jazz. The truth is, however, those REAL Jazz singers do no more than sing the song so that it SWINGS...Billie and Ella being prime examples!

Easy though this sounds, relatively few singers can pull it off, for it demands innate musicality. Nichaud Fitzgibbon is one of this rare breed. In addition she possesses one of those wonderful breathy-edged voices with a rich, warm core, able to sing virtually anything and make it sound good. In this, one can make comparisons with Peggy Lee. Her wonderful lazy phrasing, on the other hand, no doubt comes from the early influence of Connee Boswell, but Nichaud is no copy of anybody. She has her own voice and is one of the leading Jazz singers of today...not only in her native Australia...but anywhere in the world! The only problem for her fans is that she is so good to look at, that sometimes, one forgets to listen.”
... Earl Okin ( British musician, comedian and music critic ) 2005.

Nichaud was born in the small country town of Wycheproof in North Western Victoria. Known for its "King of the Mountain" potato sack race, Nichaud is now its most famous export. Her mother, Faye Hommelhoff, grew up there and comes from a family with Danish and French heritage. Nichaud is a fourth generation performer and it goes without saying that as a member of the renowned jazz and showbiz Fitzgibbon family, music is in her fiesty Irish blood.

At an early age Nichaud was surrounded by music of the 20s and 30s that played nightly at the club run by her father Smacka Fitzgibbon. The beloved Australian jazz musician and entertainer started his career playing banjo with Graeme Bell and Len and Bob Barnard. Smacka's Place was to become Melbourne's most famous jazz clu

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