Just A Girl - No Doubt Tribute Show
Location: Melbourne, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Close your eyes or keep them open, you’ll feel like you’re experiencing the real thing! With a five-piece band and stunning audio and visual production, “Just A Girl” provides a 55-minute set of high-energy entertainment.

On stage, Clare Lappin becomes Gwen Stefani.  Whether she’s rocking out to the anthemic 90’s hit ‘Just A Girl’ or pouring her heart out in ‘Don’t Speak’, Clare captures the punk-rock supergirl’s essence to perfection, engaging and captivating the crowd at every show.

Clare is joined by David Saric (as guitarist Tom Dumont), Kristoff Lajoie (as bass player Tony Kanal), Grant Weinstein (as drummer Adrian Young) and keyboardist Andy Rosenberg.

“Just A Girl” began rehearsing in 2006 and, in no time, was performing at venues around Melbourne including Rock For Kids, a charity event for The Starlight Foundation and more recently at Fox Studios for Foxtel's Christmas party. 

The band covers old-school No Doubt songs such as “Sunday Morning” and “Platinum Blonde”, more recent hits including “It's My Life” and “Hella Good”, and even a sample from Gwen Stefani's renowned solo career such as “What You Waiting For”.

Set List

  1. Hella Good
  2. Ex Girlfriend
  3. Platinum Blonde
  4. Bath Water
  5. Underneath It All
  6. Sunday Morning
  7. It’s My Life
  8. What u Waiting For
  9. Don’t Speak
  10. Spider Webs  
  11. Just A Girl
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