X-The INXS Show
Location: Blackburn, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Collectively X-The INXS Show has a wealth of live experience adding up to well over 100 years. Along with Will the other 5 members are all professional musicians, recording artist, and music educators, that have toured nationally and internationally throughout periods of their careers,with the elite in the Industry. The members of X can proudly say and state that they have been involved with international publishing deals, aria award winning bands, TV performances, independent award and so on....

X-The INXS Show: Fronted by WILL JOVA the band ‘X’ features six of Melbourne’s top line energetic and professional musicians;

DAMON STONE(Guitar/sax),



TRAVIS MAY (Keys and feel good vibes),

ADAM Pica (bass)

WILL JOVA (performing as Michael Hutchence)

Will has played in many diverse bands both originals and covers over the years however, INXS has remained his one love. INXS’s music was the reason Will got into singing and songwriting in the first place. Back in 1997 while INXS were preparing for a homecoming tour, Will was entered TRIPLE M’s “Sing Like Michael” radio competition and won all three heats and as a prize won back stage passes to meet INXS. Unfortunately Michael Hutchence passed away just two weeks before Will was able to claim his prize. More recently Will had the amazing opportunity to work with GARRY BEERS (bass player for INXS) on one of his original tracks called ‘Man Out Of Time’. In no uncertain terms Garry marvelled at how close Wills voice resembled Michaels. Will has also worked as a front man for Absolutely Live The Doors Show and got his first break at an INXS Tribute Show many years ago in a band called “What You Need”. Will’s deep and early childhood memories, experiences and connection to INXS has ensured that X is as close as you’ll get to the real thing-INXS. In a way Will Jova has been preparing for this ultimate role and privilege all his life, without even knowing it.

X is the definitive INXS X perience X marks the spot X is the INXS show par. . X-cellence Here’s what others had to say about this show: ‘It’s not a stretch to say that Will Jova must be channelling Hutch up there (on stage) a Doppelganger for INXS if I ever saw one…’ Mick Pacholli editor of Toorak Times ‘X are the ultimate live homage to INXS & the closest you’ll get to Real Thing…’ Chris Andrews manager @ Rockstar Bar ‘X mark all the spots: experience, raw energy, natural ability, & an infectious passion that sets this INXS show apart from any other….’ Bob Harris manager @ SSnA Club X

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