Debra Blaquiere
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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Sydney based vocalist-songwriter Debra Blaquiere has earned a reputation as an independent artist winning over local fans with her uncanny ability to stake new claims on contemporary pop tunes, and interpretations of gorgeous jazz standards. She is a product of our time, and plays respectful homage to those who have influenced her such as Doris Day, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole Trio and the composers both pop and jazz of great American songwriters Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Rodgers and Hart, Joni Mitchell, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Burt Bacharach and many more.

Debra was born in England to a guitar-playing father Clifton Jarvis Blaquiere "Toni" who had played with the "Duke" and continued playing a residency in a Pub in Shepherds Bush London. After completing a Bachelor of Science at Macquarie and Jazz Vocal Studies at the Access Centre Conservatorium of Music Sydney Debra decided it was time to get out there on the Sydney Jazz scene and landed at Move Records Melbourne.
Debra has previously recorded two singles This Time We Say Good-bye (1999) and Love's Dance with a very moving 5/4 piano solo played by the song's composer Jeremy Challender (2001), and one independent full-length album Getting to Know Me (2001).
Debra has a smooth and warm vocal quality. She displays a wonderful emotional sensibility to her fresh interpretations of jazz, pop, folk, blues, musical theatre and rock influences, as well as her own original compositions.
"In writing songs first comes the experience right out of life. Then my emotions will dictate where the song will go. Or it may start with a melody not always composed by me. I will then link that to a personal experience. When it comes down to actual interpretation by players I no longer own the song. It takes on a new form and personality. I like that a lot. I never interfere with this process."
Debra Blaquiere
Debra wrote the lyrics for Love's Dance and this was entered into the 24th National Songwriting Contest in 2003. It was the winner of the Jazz/Blues category.
Debra performs with a quartet of piano, guitar, double bass and drums - ideal if you have dancing in mind for your function.
If you prefer vocals and a jazz trio which is ideal for background atmosphere, or vocals with piano and/or guitar and double bass, also perfect with dinner. For more intimate settings, a duo with piano or jazz guitar will help set the scene.
Her professionalism and enthusiasm is complemented by her warm and honest approach to her music.
Debra’s collection of song titles draws from a diverse range of influences that have enabled Debra to create her own style.
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