Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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Shindig has vast experience playing all types of venue from large concerts (we toured with Gael Force Dance for 14 months) to regular pub and club gigs. We currently have two regular gigs at "The Blarney Bar" in the Crown Hotel in Revesby, and The Pine Inn on Parramatta Rd, Five Dock, as well as other gigs in Sydney on a rotational basis.
We have played two long term gigs, one at the "Friend in Hand" a popular back packers pub in Glebe for six years and at "Cooneys" in Kiera Street in Wollongong for five years.
Our musical content encompasses music and song which includes standards such as Danny Boy, Sweet 16, Maggie and Galway Bay as well as Traditional Irish jigs, reels and hornpipes to 50's and 60's rock, Blues, Bluegrass and contemporary Irish such as Van Morrison, The Pogues and U2. It includes music and songs from Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, North America, Europe and even Japan.
The members of Shindig are extremely professional in their attitude to their music, punctuality and in and their loyalty to clients,
Australia’s Finest Irish band
Shindig, (formerly Claddagh) have for many years been Sydney's most successful, versatile and popular Irish band. The three members bring together a wealth of talent from a diversity of musical backgrounds. Between them they play more than fourteen instruments (not all at the same time, though - they're not that good!) in a variety of styles, ranging from the ever-popular Irish ballads and drinking songs, through the toe-tapping jigs, reels and hornpipes, as well as a vast repertoire of bluegrass, country, blues, 50’s and 60’s rock and even a little calypso when the need arises! The non-stop banter and on-stage antics of the band, combined with Martin's store of hoary jokes (inherited from his grandfather) make a concert with Shindig an unforgettable experience.
Martin Horan  - Lead vocals, banjo, guitar, bodhran, harmonica
Martin, a Dubliner, has played in clubs, pubs and on concert stages, in Ireland, Britain, the West Indies, Asia and Australia, as a solo performer and a member of various bands since some time after the arrival of the first fleet in Port Jackson, way back in 1788. His repertoire of songs (Irish, country, blues, rock, bluegrass, etc., etc.) is encyclopedic, and still expanding. He plays a range of instruments with ease and confidence, and his witty badinage never fails to establish an excellent rapport with the audience.  
Andrea Harrison  Keyboards, synthesisers, harmony vocals, vocals
Andrea was born in Bristol, England, but has lived in Sydney for most of her life. She has extensive international experience, having performed in such diverse locations as Vienna, Rome, Los Angles, San Francisco, London and South Africa. As well as playing some of the funkiest keyboard sounds to be heard in Sydney, Andrea is the musically educated member of the band, although she has learned many a trick from her Irish partners. She is also the reason 90% of the male audience follow Shindig.
Sean McLoughlin. Mandolin, whistles, flute, harmonica, vocals.
Sean  left his native Dublin ten years ago to travel and sing for his supper in shabby joints and dingy dives from Bangkok to Fukushima. Claddagh took pity on him in '96 and dusted him off, gave him a white shirt, a fancy waistcoa

Client to provide: Stage / performance area, meals, refreshments, change room (greenroom) and parking close to venue for artists

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