Olivia Stratton
Location: Adelaide
Country: Australia

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Olivia Stratton is a TV Presenter, Master of Gastronomy
and former Miss Australia
Olivia is a presenter on Channel 7’s lifestyle series Discover in SA as well as the host of News Limited’s top rating web TV show The O List, featuring festivals, VIP events and parties. Olivia gets the inside scoop with her fresh and upfront interviewing style.
Olivia has specialised knowledge and a life-long passion for food, wine and travel that has taken her on a global journey of discovery in her various roles and is one of the select few in the world to have a Masters Degree in Gastronomy. Olivia also has a Diploma in Le Cordon Bleu cooking, amongst her array of international qualifications.
Renowned for her vibrant personality, Olivia has won many accolades including Miss Australia, the international title of Miss World People’s Choice in front of a television audience of 2.8 billion viewers, the on-line vote for Hottest on TV in Australia, numerous ambassadorial roles around the globe and, in sport, National Equestrian Champion.
As a result of her impressive credentials, Olivia was headhunted to host the food, wine and travel TV series Sumptuous on Channel 7 in 2006, the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week daily web TV show for ninemsn (2007) and Saturday Lotto for SA Lotteries (2008).
While in Asia as the Sauchin Ambassador for Australian Food, Wine and Tourism, Olivia was also a guest presenter on Bon Voyage – the popular travel show which is televised in 25 countries.
Olivia has interviewed huge names such as Dita Von Teese, Fergie, The Veronicas, Trinny and Susannah, supermodels including Tara Moss and Miranda Kerr, Australia’s top fashion designers as well as international food and wine legends.


Discover lifestyle TV series Presenter Channel 7 2008
The O List weekly E-news web TV series Host of the show News Limited 2008
Saturday Lotto – SA Lotteries Host – 4 week campaign News Limited 2008
2007 Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Host – daily web TV show Ninemsn 2007
Paul Costa’s chart hit country music clip Actor – lead Australia 2007
Australia Day Sun Herald TVC Actor – lead Australia 2007
Sumptuous food, wine and travel TV series Host of the show Channel 7 2006
Samsung TVC Actor – lead Asia 2006
Marriot Korea TVC Actor Asia 2006
Antz Pantz TVC Nicky Hilton & Kim Stewart Actor Channel 7 Australia 2006
Beat the Chef cooking show episode Special Guest Chef ABC Australia 2005
Bon Voyage travel show episode Guest Presenter Asia 2004
Next Generation Fitness TVC Actor Channel 9 & 10 2004

SPECIALISED COURSES – Acting & TV Presenting

Acting – TAFTA National Intensive Program Bill Hughes (All Saints), Cameron Welsh and 2007
Sam Atwell (Home and Away), David Cameron,
Jan Russ (Neighbours), Lou Mitchell (City Homicide),
Faith Martin (Sea Patrol), John Orcsik, David Man,
Tom McSweeney, Jodie Brearley, Barbara Leane,
Melissa Agnew (international voice coach)
TV Presenting & Acting – Private Tuition Helen O’Connor (Syd) 2007
Acting Skills 1 Course – Actors Centre Andrew Lloyde (Syd) 2007
Voice Coaching – Private Tuition Juliet Jordon (Syd) 2006
TV Presenting – Private Tuition Lochie Daddo (Syd) 2005
TV Presenting – Advanced Course Sandra Lee Patterson – On Camera Studio (Syd) 2005


Masters Degree in Gastronomy Specialised knowledge: food, wine, travel 2003-07
& organics
Hottest on TV in Australia Winner – as voted on the HOT TV website 2006
Miss World People’s Choice International title holder 2003
Miss Australia National title winner 2003
Horse Riding : National & State Champ Titles Dressage, side saddle and stock horse Ongoing


Hobbies – travel, spending time with my dog Louie, fashion, art, cooking, food and wine appreciation
Language – German and sign language (alphabet)
Music & Dance – flute, piano, ballet and tap-dancing
Sport – horse riding, soccer, basketball, cycling, swimming, walking, generally keeping fit and healthy
Travel – Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States, England, Scotland, Austria, France, Germany,
Italy, Monaco, Portugal, Switzerland, China, Hong Kong and Japan
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