Tiffiny Hall
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Tiffiny Hall
Gladiator, 5th Dan black belt, journalist, author, ambassador, actress, Tiffiny Hall is a woman of many talents. Author of the sell out success “How To Create your ultimate Body”, Tiffiny is a vibrant, healthy living expert. Tiffany was recently assessed
as one of the ten healthiest people in Australia.
Starring as the charming Gladiator, Angel, on Channel Seven’s smash hit Gladiators, Tiffiny Hall proves that looks can kill.
Hall is fierce and flying on the aerial games, combining her martial arts and magic in fearless battle. She has become one of the most positive role models in health and fitness for children and women on television, not only through her recent superhero persona ‘Angel’ but also through a lifetime commitment to female empowerment as a Taekwondo Instructor, Ambassador for health and fitness, corporate speaker, School Coach and performer.
Hall, a lethal weapon at the age of 23, backs her Gladiator prowess with 17
years training in the art of Taekwondo. The most experienced female martial
artist for her age, she earned her 5th Dan black belt this year. With many State
and National titles under her black belt she has pursued a career in Taekwondo not only as a competitor but also as a performer.
Many years performing with the elite Demo Team Xtreme has shaped Tiffiny Hall as a renowned niche expert in performance martial arts, fight choreography and stunt work. She has ambitions to break into the film industry with her fighting skills and one day star in a martial arts movie.
Daughter of an Olympic Taekwondo coach and born to a mother who is also a black belt, Tiffiny has applied the fighting spirit, focus and determination she has learnt through sport to her academic pursuits.
With beauty and brains she finished school top of her class with an ENTER of 98.75. She attended Melbourne University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts/Media and Communications and a Diploma of Modern Languages in French. A fervid writer from childhood, Tiffiny completed many fictional works whilst at University with aspirations to become an author.
Whilst at University she travelled extensively through Europe, completing her French degree in Paris at the UN, Centre International des Etudes Pedagogic.
After graduating from Melbourne University she became a journalist at the Herald Sun satiating her passion for writing with her curiosity and love for connecting with people. She has become a valuable voice for women in the paper.
Her energy, versatility, depth and likeability is infectious. She is an empowering voice on the corporate speaking circuit, in publishing and in television presenting.
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