Mambo Kenya International Acrobats
Location: Nairobi, Nairobi
Country: Kenya

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We are an International Kenyan Acrobatics Group And African Folk Dancers Known As Mambo Kenya Group Based in Nairobi,Kenya. The Group Performs African Folk Dancing,Limbo Acts And Limbo Dance,Formation of Gymnastics Pyramids Fire Works And Fire Eating Acts,Hoops Diving,Jugglings,Tumbling,Rope Walking and Rope Skiiping with various Styles and Chair Balancing Acts. The Group Have performed in Israel-Eilat Hotels,India-Nicco Park in Kolkatta,Oman-Muscat Festivals,Dubai-the Fridge Shopping Festivals,Indonesia-The Spanish Cabarette in Jakarta Baycity,Spain-Marlloca Park,South Korea,South Africa,Swaziland siberia,China-xIMEN and Russia-Russian State Circus Company. The Group is very much Interasted to work With you. Thank You in Advance as we look forward to work with you soon. Regards, Kevin
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