Location: Melbourne, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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We are a Melbourne based company with over 15 years of experience working with the biggest local and international clients on events of all scales. We direct the best contemporary circus artists Australia has to offer. We are passionate about ensuring that every time we show up, your audience experiences a unique, awe-inspiring and most importantly impactful performance.

Our list of roving and specialty circus entertainment includes:                 

Tailored Productions  




Manipulation including juggling & hula hoops                                                           

Fire Performers                                                                                                   

Circus shows for audiences of all ages Roving Circus Tents

Technical requirements: sound, lighting tech, stage dimensions 5m x 5m minimum, height from stage 4.5 meters minimum, 1 dressing room, meals and refreshments. 



Summary Time Price

Incorporating adagio and hand balancing to showcase the human body. A highly popular corporate duo routine that features remarkable shapes and gravity defying acrobatics that will leave the audience questioning what is physically possible. Min Stage: 3m x 3m x 4m height Hard, flat level surface Dressing Rooms and refreshments.

6 - 7 min Start From $1,530.00 Send Enquiry

Astounding control leaves audiences mesmerized A single hoop, seemingly simple and effortless, glides, rolls and spins, with the artist inside the giant single wheel.


Min Stage: 5m x 5m 

Hard flat WOOD surface

Dressing room and refreshments 

6 min Start From $765.00 Send Enquiry

Incorporating adagion and hand balancing to showcse the human body.  A highly popular corporate duo or trio routine featuring remarkable shapes that will leave the audience questioning what is physically possible!  A polished crowd pleaser, enusured to take your breath away.

Min stage 5mx 5m x 5m height

Hard flat level wood surface + dressing room

6 min Start From $2,295.00 Send Enquiry

A remarkable feat of balance performed as a solo, duo or trio.  This act incorporates adagio, hand balancing and chair stacks to creat imagery that has to be seen to be believed.

Min 5mx5m x5 height

Hard flat, level wood surface +dresssing room

8 min Start From $2,805.00 Send Enquiry
Start From $0.00 Send Enquiry