Capoeira Martial Artists
Location: Sydney, From Sydney To Anywhere In El Mundo
Country: Australia

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Capoeira always was and will always be a fight.

This crew team in Australia is led/guided by Josival Bispo, who the Australatin community will know as Professor Formiguinha.


Josival began practicing this art form at the tender age of 7 in Salvador Bahia.

He has featured in the musical ‘Oba Oba' and has travelled and performed in Hollywood, Las Vegas, Westend and Broadway.

The show can be a demo of rhythm, musical, dance, acrobatics and combat fighting.

The good thing about our show is that it is very short and sweet.

Everybody will have the opportunity to meet capoeiristas after each show.

This will be always dynamic show not to be missed!!

Capoeira Martial Artists leaders have recently appeared on TVC's for Togos, Mastercard, Kirin Beer, Peugeot, Virgin Mobile & Guinness.

As well as at the Adidas Original Store Launch, Castrol Edge Launch, Ian Thorpe Underwear Launch & Westfield Awards at The Hilton just to name a few recent events.


The full non-stop action begins from the word GO!

We can dance to our traditional Brazilian Capoeira music or to whatever music you would like us to dance to. We can do it to any up-tempo beat!!!

This high energy dance crew is the only one to mix the dynamic styles of Capoeira Martial Arts with Wicked Acrobatics, dancing, flips and the most incredible bodywork ever experienced.

It is an absolute mind blowing experience that will leave you breathess and begging for more. Team sizes are available from a dup up to 22 dancers.

Heat up your next corporate or privat event and get ready to expect the unseen, the amazing and the spectacular!

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