Duo Polonsky
Location: Odessa
Country: Ukraine

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Absolutely Amazing Hand Balancing Duo.

"HANDBALANCING" of Brothers-twins Ievgenii and Vladyslav Polonsky.
In 2003 we graduated circus school studio of Odessa state circus.
In 2003-2004 galas and special events, Ukraine
In 2004 we took the second place in the festival "The Young Circus of
In 2004-2005 we worked at the State circus Company of Ukraine(Ukr Gos Cirk),we
played on tour in Russia.  
In 2005-2007 galas and special events, Ukraine.
In 2008  England.Flamingo Land Theme Park.
In 2009 galas and special events, Ukraine
In 2010 galas show in Dubai.
In 2010  (Imperial Russian circus) tour in Ukraine.
In 2010  (Ilchenko Brothers Circus) tour in Ukraine.
In 2010 Gala Shaw in China , Shanghai . MTU Company (Germany)
In 2010  France,Paris.Christmas Circus(Cirque de Noel)
In 2011  Iran,Mashhad ( Melal Circus )
In 2011-2012 Belarus,Minsk.Christmas Circus ( show Maskarad ) 
In 2013   galas and special events, Ukraine        
In 2013 Circus Show . Ukraine.Odessa 
In 2013   VIVA Blackpool  Cabaret Showbar & Events Suite , England
In 2013-2014 Christmas Show ,  Varieté Theater Pegasus , Germany .


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