Location: Hobart
Country: Australia

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Ridiculously Confident… Confidently Ridiculous…These Masters of Equilibrium will have you seesawing from gasps of amazement to belly aching laughter.

PopEyed deliver a world class, Australian hand balancing act with a seriously comic bent that earned them the title of 'World Champions' at the 11th Annual Daidogei Street Performance World Cup in Shizouka, Japan.

"We love what we do and have performed our act hanging off the side of a building, in a swimming pool, on live TV, as Russian cricketers, and even in the pouring rain in Japan!

When planning your event please talk to us about how best to utilise our talents, as our act can easily be modified to suit almost any venue/occasion.

However, to perform our standard show we require a minimum of:

Technical requirements:

  • 3.6m wide x 2m deep, clear surface. For best sight lines, a 900mm high stage is ideal.
  • 4.5m overhead clearance.
  • Sound system with CD or Minidisc playback and radio microphone jack.
  • Lighting - please discuss with us prior to the event.

PopEyed Travel with:

  • A thin performance mat - 2m x 1m
  • A radio microphone
  • Our own sound system, if required. Twin amps, 24 W each. "
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