Aerial - Axis of Ecstasy
Location: Surry Hills, Sydney
Country: Australia

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The Axis of Ecstasy, is a daring adventure into new techniques of aerial performance art. We are taken on a journey with a lone sailor as he sails aimlessly adrift in the vast oceans his only possessions are love letters from his past forgotten loves.

A glimpse of a mermaid is all it takes to reignite his will to live, but as we are to learn we discover that in order to follow his heart he must give up this life, for the mermaid is to take his last breath so they can be together deep below the sea.

Technical Requirements & Description.

Indoor venue. Minimum height required from rigging point to floor, 6 M.
Minimum radial floor footprint 6 M.
Rigging point capacity, 2 Tonnes.

Outdoor Venue
Mobile crane or appropriate structure
Any surface condition, including water, maximum depth 1.5 M.

A Chinese Climbing Pole is suspended below a swivel and pulley, all equipment is rated and exceeds minimum standards. Harnesses and rigging installed and performed by qualified and experienced personnel. 1 Operator and 2 Aerial Performers. The act is between 5 to 8 minutes long, and can be performed with lights or outdoors during daylight hours.

Summary Time Price