Aerial Chair/Tissu
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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As the chair cascades from the tissue to the floor below, the act is transformed into a mesmerizing tissue performance, resolving when both artist and chair once again converge on the ground. If height is limited the Aerial Chair component can be performed solely with a strong impact.

This act can easily be tailored to suit your event from its contemporary form here to burlesque/cabaret and anything in between!

Live musical accompaniment is also an option at an additional fee.

Alex. after being trained as a gymnast throughout most of her childhood and graduating with Honours from the National Theatre Ballet, carried on too work as a contemporary dancer throughout Australia and overseas. Her first introduction to circus through this medium of dance four years ago, enabled her to train firstly as an aerialist under Flee O’Brien and Daniel Powers (NICA), then furthering her skills towards hand balancing and adagio with trainer Ivelin Iliev. It became a complementary transition from dancer to circus performer. Not only having worked extensively across Australia with Retina Productions “Aerial Sphere – Double Trapeze” Alex continues to work with Brisbane’s contemporary circus Circa. Under the direction of Yaron Lifschitz Alex was invited to take part in there fully improvised ArtsEnd series Chroma. Also under the direction of Brian Lucas, Alex performed in Circa’s well known 31 Circus Acts in 30 Minutes and then earlier in 2009 she was able to showcase her own speciality “Aerial Chair” in New.Circus.Now. under the direction of Anni Davey.

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