Aerial- Puppet Master
Location: Surry Hills, Sydney
Country: Australia

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The Flying Bungy Ring is a concept developed by Gavin Wild, it takes away the effect of gravity from one self. What is it like to be with someone who is attached to the earth but attracted to the air? Their ideal partner is someone that they use to be. How do these two live out their dreams? The Puppet Master Manipulates their lives.

A beautiful maiden is promised to marry a prince, but her true heart lies with her dream lover, together they dance and fly dynamically, bounding with energy and fun. But the force behind the maidens torn life is darkly pulling her strings until the end.

Technical Requirements and Description

Minimum Height required 8M
Minimum radial floor footprint 6M
Rigging points require 2 tonnes minimum capacity, 3 points are required with a separation between points of at least 4 M.
Ground anchor points are required and these can be temporary weights.

Two Performers and one Operator, operator assists int he dynamic flight of the performers. All artists and operators are qualified and experienced.

Summary Time Price
29144 33306