Amazing Aerial Silks
Location: Brisbane/Goldcoast
Country: Australia

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Aerial ballet at it's finest, with a graceful and elegant flowing performance while executing daring and skillful feats. The silks is created with two pieces of material suspended from one point. This spectacular suspension allows our amazing aerialists use their strength and beauty to execute twists, turns, drops and tricks that will leave you wanting more. We have a variety of wonderful costumes and music that can be used so you can include this amazing act into your themed party, function, event or show. This beautiful act will remain in your thoughts, and be remembered as one of the best.

*Elevate this act by adding our dancers, illuminated twirlers, duo acro performers and more!

Client to provide:  Refreshments, a private and secure change room (toilets are not acceptable) and parking close to venue.

Rigging is additional and prices per job, site inspection may be required. 

Summary Time Price

Includes Silks act, excludes rigging

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