Lollipop Hoop Girl
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Lollipop Hoop Girl

Be hypnotized by the swirls and twirls of our lovely Lollipop Hoop Girl!


Your guests will love the stunning spectacle as our Lollipop Girl twists and balances in her specially designed hoop and calls displaying great feats of strength and wonder all while pouring a glass of champagne!


Although our Lollipop Hoop Girl is playful and fun she calls on the great traditions of circus acrobatics, pole dancing and aerial manoeuvres to showcase dynamic displays of beauty and power.


Ideal for:


·         Roving entertainment with a dance element

·         Large scale multi-faceted events

·         Intimate parties

·         Festivals

·         Meet and greet events

·         Choreographed shows that can be catered to your specific needs


Roving set duration:


           1 hour   - 1 x 50 min set

           2 hours - 2 x 45 min sets

           3 hours - 3 x 45 min sets


Main Act Show


           - 4 minute show

           - Fully choreographed solo performance to music

           - Beautiful and dynamic

           - Aerial and cirque acrobatic movements as well as pole dance tricks.



So step right up and prepare to be mesmerised by the dips, tricks, swings and contortions of our Lollipop Hoop Girl!

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