Location: Brisbane
Country: Australia

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As a duo Emma McGovern & Allie Wilde perform
Setallite - Double Tissus Loop
 Two performers hang and balance from each other suspended in a loop of fabric. The fabric is attached to a 1.5 metre bar and rigged from 2 points.
Strength, grace, beauty and poise are all embodied by this aerial duo as they perform in a cradle of fabric, a double tissus loop. A stunning juxtaposition of classic lines and contemporary form. Precision timing yields perfect synchronicity in this sensuous aerial ballet.
A seamless aerial ballet, beautifully choreographed and performed with great synchronicity, strength and grace.
As soloists they perform
Corde Lisse:
Performed upon a single hanging rope. The aerialist climbs,wraps and unwraps themselves, executing a series of fast drop tricks, combined with strength and precision manoeuvres.
Lyra (Aerial Ring):
This act is performed within, and around, a suspended metal hoop. The aerialist executes static & spinning manoeuvres, requiring a combination of great flexibility and strength. A graceful yet dynamic act., which can be performed at a lesser height than other aerial acts. The Lyra can prove to be a spectacular solution in situations where the rigging points are low.
Cloud Swing:
A Cloud Swing is a piece of rope, the ends attached to the rig at two separated points. The aerialist stands in the center of the ‘U’ shape and generates a high swing, executing daring tricks & manouevres at the high points of both ends of this swing. An unusual, thrilling and unexpected act!
Solo Tissus:
Two sheets of fabric suspended from one overhead point. As with corde lisse (see above), the performer climbs and wraps themselves within the fabric – but this act places greater emphasis on grace and contortion.
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