Location: Perth
Country: Australia

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Stee’s talents don’t finish in the spotlight - his room theatre presence impresses astoundingly with various vibes and looks from body covered glitter to coal and dirt which has any audience member with their eyes glued to him. Height: 180cm (5'10”) Weight: 72kg Hair: Orange Eyes: Blue Body Type: Swimmers - Muscular build Complexion: Clear pale skin Vocal Type: Tenor Musical Theatre Peter Pan - Mandurah P.A.C Grease - John Curtin College of the Arts Pinocchio - Mandurah P.A.C Oliver - John Curtin College of the Arts Robin Hood - Mandurah P.A.C Robin Hood - Manrurah P.A.C Jack and the Beanstalk - Mandurah P.A.C The Wizard of Oz - Mandurah P.A.C Dance CirquAzerne - La Caserne, Montreal. Peter Pan - Mandurah P.A.C, Aus. Kylie Les Folies - Connections Nightclub, Aus. Scotch College Ball Featured Dancer - Crown Complex, Aus. WA Youth Awards Featured Dancer - Crown Complex, Aus. Thunderstruck Extra - South Australian Film Corporation Snow Queen Soloist/Raven - JCCA, Aus. Ozmosis Soloist/Ensemble - JCCA, Aus. Capricious Transfer Soloist/Ensemble - JCCA, Aus. Nutcracker Soloist - JCCA, Aus.

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