Location: Perth, Available For Bookings All Over Wa
Country: Australia

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EYE-OPENING AND EXCITING - see snakes & reptiles up close!!

We can provide a unique and interesting feature to your next big event with an incredible display of unique and fascinating, native reptiles from all corners of the state.

Incredible reptile presentation including a hands on experience along with vital educational information.

From some of the world’s most venomous snakes, including the Death adders and Tiger snakes to the gentle giant olive pythons plus many more species that are all found right here in our own  backyards.

Venomous snakes on display are kept in locked cages that provide up close, safe viewing for guests.

We are dedicated to promoting understanding and the conservation of our native reptiles through communication, education and interaction.

Over 20 years experience in handling, identifying, photographing and studying West Australian reptiles, extensive experience & involvement in agricultural shows, community fairs, festivals, schools & mine site training all over WA.

Currently appearing on Foxtel Nat Geo Wild documentaries 72 Dangerous Animals Australia




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