Mister Balloons
Location: S. E. Queensland, Brisbane
Country: Australia

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Mister Balloons is a master at the art of "twisting", from the traditional poodle to amazing caricatures, and even superheros like The Flash, and Bugman. David entertains adults and children alike, and tailors his humour and balloon designs to suit the audience.

I am a "balloon man",  or simply, a "twister".

You'll be amazed at what can be twisted out of "long skinny" balloons.
I entertain "kids" of ALL ages ...    
"I have been "twisting" balloons for nearly a decade and a half, and have an almost unlimited repertoire of balloon models ... many being my own designs, so feel free to challenge me ... I can only fail miserably ... LOL"
As you can see I'm very popular at the Burleigh Town Tavern.
"Balloons, With A Twist"
I make more than just your traditional puppy dog.
Most of my gigs are similar to the Burliegh Town Tavern photo above, me surrounded by a gaggle of "balloon crazy" kids, and we all have a great time, but wait .... there's more.
I am proud to be able to bring a new format to balloon twisting in Queensland, ideal for larger, or more adult crowds.
The Flash, Bugman, my superhero collection, and amazing caracitures and boquets, are display pieces, made right in front of your eyes.
Each completed balloon sculpture can be placed on display, or presented to your clients or guests, as I move around your store, convention, or event, this is also an ideal "meet n' greet" format.
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