Simon Wells
Location: Toowong, Brisbane,Gold Coast
Country: Australia

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Simon Wells, the best Australian Unicyclist* and the Sunshine Coast's Best Balloon artist**

His shows are always supremely entertaining, whether he is doing a stage show, circus show, cabaret, balloon show, street theater, tv commerical, or  workshops for adults and children.

He offers his services for corporate functions, childrens parties, festivals of all types, gallery openings, provides roving entertainment, and is something of a favourite pinup boy among newspapers and photojournalists seeking to capture the spirit of the day at events of all shapes and sizes.

His performances, which highlight his unique and amazing feats of skill including his world-renowned unicycling stunts and juggling abilities, also show off his other crowd-pleasing talents such as balloon art, musical flexibility, and an occasional affinity for medieval clothing and other brilliant plumage (not to mention the Pirate Show, aye me hardies?).

Simon Wells has been unicycling since the tender age of 8 and is now a world class unicyclist, This worldwide fame shows when you look at just some of his achievements to date.

acknowledged master at the skill,
Silver medal* in the Individual Expert Male Freestyle at the Unicycle World Championships in Tokyo in July

He won the same event at the Australian Nationals in 2001, 2003 and 2005 in both Darwin and Canberra. **

One of the worlds greatest Unicyclists

Simon also has achievements in the juggling and balloon artisan arenas
having been named **“Best Balloon Artist on the Coast”. Simon has mastered the art of making any balloon shape his
patrons desire.. and more .. pleasing children and adults wherever he goes

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