Arabesque Belly Dance
Location: Sydney, Sydney
Country: Australia

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Prefering to allow others to do the talking please take a moment to read what those who have experienced Ulah's performance have to say: “Ulah, was a pleasure to work with, thoroughly professional and a sense of humour not often found in artists!

Her dancing and engagement with the audience was a major factor in the success of the concert.”
Bill O’tool - regarding Festival of the Olives, Parramatta
“We have had belly dancers for the past six years for my father’s birthdays and we will definitely get you back next year.” Nikki “Ulah helped bring romance and excitement to our engagement.”
Penny Fischer
“Dear Ulah, Thank you for making my 80th birthday a special event. Love from all who loved your presence.” Elizabeth Mooney “Absolutely stunning! Absolutely fabulous working with you.”
Louise Hutchins
"Ulah was born to perform."
 Ruth Brent
"People still comment on my party thanks to your unique, interactive performance. We were expecting a beautiful show and Ulah definitely delivered. Unpredictably we got a dynamic and fun experience. The birthday girl was entised to the dance floor and loved it. Then we all got up too shake it together. Too much fun!"
Elise Vowles
“An outstanding birthday surprise...entertained me and all my guests! Unforgettable.”
Jeanette Lamb
Please know Ulah's performances are fully choreographed by a very talented, experienced choreographer. Ulah beautifully utilizes various props such as veil, stick an zils (finger cymbals) to make her performance varied and dynamic. Ulah's choreographer, Ruth Brent (a real task master) was the first in Australia to bring Belly Dancing to the broader cross section of the Australian community outside its usual cultural arena. She has presented successful shows at the Opera House as well as many festivals.
So, Ulah's performance is created being mindful of and to appeal to a multicultural audience. Ulah's preferred costumes are based on the earliest records available being paintings done by Europeans of dancers of the Middle East. They are more modest than the more common cabaret costumes and we feel more beautiful and appeal to a wider audience.
Cabaret costumes can be worn if this is your preference. Please contact us and check availability for your desired date.

Client to provide: refreshments, a private and secure change room (toilets are not acceptable) and parking close to venue.

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