Amazing Body Art by Mel
Location: Coffs Harbour
Country: Australia

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Body Art is an extention of the imagination into creating new characters from existing form.

The only limit is the imagination.

One of My latest Body Art Materpieces was working with

Ace Face Amanda at the Maloolaba Seafood Festival.

In one and a half hours we painted, designed and adorned the Young Dancers for the opening ceremony dance dedicated to the fishermen who lost their lives at Sea.

It was a beautiful, moving and exciting experience to transform, unify and work with the shy teenagers who at the end of it felt beautiful and amazed at themselves.

They had never felt so beautiful and special!

Of coarse the performance was a success!

The experience as Interior Designer and Decorater, Canvas Artist & Face Painter all come together in the form of Body Art.

Depending on the type of Performance or Intention, Art will become form.

For stage Performance larger designs look stunning from a distance and can really enhance any costume.

The beauty of body art is its flexible and can be applied at the last minute

Melanie's flair and passion for the unusual can create a stunning moving piece of art.

Let the whole body step into the performance and allow it to be adorned!

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