Divine Henna Body Art
Location: Caloundra
Country: Australia

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The Spirit of Beauty!

Henna becomes an art happening, a ritual, a performance, and will always draw a crowd especially as our artist can spontaneously create new pieces on individuals and sometimes spectacular. large pieces for the adventurous.

A 12 year history in the industry has contributed to the artists skill at handling crowds and working quickly and calmly in corporate and festive party environments while contributing a joyful, exotic atmosphere. Henna is not a spectator sport! Young or old, everyone gets involved!

Divine Henna also specialises in collaborating with you in a private setting or small party to create unique, rich, meaningful designs for your special occasion such as pregnancy, blessingway, birthday and weddings. For 1000's of years henna has been a precious media for marking transformation in peoples lives.

Kits, henna powder and henna paste are also available. The kits have been developed through trial and error in the industry and our aim is not just to sell but to contribute to the growth in knowledge of this ancient and meaningful product and to promote henna in order to enrich western life. Divine Henna delivers workshops and courses.

Divine Henna draws on the expertise of founder Nicki Elliott who has 12 years experience as a professional henna artist, and a B.A. in Visual Arts and 10 years in event management.

Information about the art of henna, how to make henna and its rich history are available on Divine Henna website. Get involved in a 2000 year old art form that celebrates the body through stunning adornment!

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