Rainbow Body Art
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Ria Clauss (Rainbow) creates spectacular body art and airbrush tattoos from Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Rainbow regularly travels internationally to exhibit her body painting skills.

The human body is my canvas.
I transform people into spontaneous, playful, vibrating beings.
Rainbow Creations Body Art
For film and stage work, community events, promotions, functions, corporate events, workshops, children's and adults' parties.
Children's Parties
Hi, my name is Rainbow. I live in a rainbow and sleep on a fluffy white cloud. My friends are the fairies and other small folk. They make up the beautiful designs I put on children's faces which can be anything their hearts desire. The fairies and small folk have an unlimited supply of designs.
When the children go home, the fairies will come out of their garden (that can be a pot plant even), and have a look at the designs the children have picked or what one I have chosen. They really have a lot of fun doing that, and if you are really keeping your eye out, you might see one.
My outfit is all rainbow colours of course!
I hope I can come to your venue and spread some Rainbow magic that the children will carry in their hearts forever.
Adult Parties
Face painting for adults is a new thing and really hard to imagine unless you have experienced it yourself.
Let me come to your venue, whatever the occasion may be. I can accommodate for anything from painting faces for a certain theme to an exhibition of body art for a performance.
I can turn your occasion into a time you'll never forget. The energy that is created from the face painting is unique, and adds spectacular colour to your venue.
If you can't think of what you want, or how it could fit into what you are doing, just give me a call and I'll be more than happy to help you out with ideas.
Tattoo Parties
The ink I use is from Hollywood - it is used in the movies. It looks like the real thing!
The tattoos last up to a week even with washing and swimming.
Henna Parties
The stain used is red. Experience the traditional way of using henna. A henna party is a great idea for that special wedding shower, or just a fun thing to do with your friends. The designs can last up to a month.
Body Art
·         Full Day: (up to 5 hours)
·         Half Day: (up to 3 hours)
For that personal touch on certain body parts e.g. face, arm, leg, etc. Prices depend on detail and whether you come to me.
For example you might need your logo tattooed on for a triathlon you are in.
If you want to feel really special at the party you are going to, have a face paint. The sky's the limit!!
Rainbow's Journey
My passion began during my travels through India and Africa in the 70s where I was fascinated by the contrasting colours of the people, their clothes and their individual characteristics. Tribal and Village body art has been a big influence. I love people-watching ... We are such amazing creatures.
I've been painting faces on the Sunshine Coas
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