Charcoal, Speed Sketch Artist
Location: Melbourne, Adelaide
Country: Australia

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Caricature Artist. Specialises in 5 min charcoal/pastel portrait, speed sketches on A2 paper.

You walk away amazed and captivated by Francesco artists speed and accuracy of capturing the essence of the moment.

You and your social group will be talking about this experience for hours and days after the event has gone..

A memorable, fun experience filled with gleeful smiles and laughter. 

Francesco adds a valued and special experience to corporate events, weddings, you name it a speed sketch artist adds an unusual, astounding, fresh and different means to improve the ambiance and cultural value of that special/prestigious social gathering.

During the recent Latino Women’s event all participants where absolutely buzzing with talk about the speed sketch artist. Those who watched waiting in anticipation eager to get their personalised souvenir to takeaway.

At every event, Francesco has a line-up of those politely and patiently waiting for their turn to sit for this prestigious yet special, fun and different experience.

Here are some testimonials:

     1. Kerrie From Brickworks after the Corporate booking for their client end of year party event:

         "Thankyou so much Francesco, we appreciated your talent and entertainment so much. You were very popular with our guests and it was a pleasure to have you!!! 😊"

     2.   Joe Cornish an Aussie tourist and patron at the local beachfront café on the York Peninsula, says on Instagram post:

          “So cool!! Thanks so much a pleasure sitting with you today. Very interesting person!”

     3.   Mido Choi (and his companion at a new Melbourne, club late night parytgoers said on Instagram post:

          “It was a great experience. You have a great talent. Unobtrusive lines create a wonderful draw. We kept talking about your talent even after you were gone. Thanks so much! :)”

     4. Restaurant Testimonial: A very happy restaurant owner here in Adelaide:

         “Inviting Francesco to our restaurant to create live-sketches adds a unique and charming touch to our dining experience. Guests are not just coming for the food; they're coming for an unforgettable

          evening, and having a live-sketch artist on hand takes that experience to a whole new level. The atmosphere becomes more lively, more vibrant, and ultimately more memorable.

          And speaking of those sketches, they make for fantastic keepsakes. People love having a tangible memory of their time at our restaurant.

          It's not just a meal; it's an experience they can take home with them. This leads to repeat customers and word-of-mouth marketing that money can't buy.

          If you're a ……looking to elevate your game and leave a lasting impression on your guests, I can't recommend Francesco enough.

          Thank you,

          Vlad Sopotsko


          Le Pas Sage – French Bistro”

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