Peter Caselin
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Peter Caselin has been a professional cartoonist and illustrator for over 20 years entertaining the corporate world and general public with humorous caricatures which capture the person’s essence within 4 minutes.  Peter uses a gentle approach to caricaturing so as to attract even the shyest person to indulge in the fun of being drawn. Peter’s style brings out the inner child of each participant as he interacts with his subject.  The whole experience is to relax the guests and show them a fun side of themselves in a picture they will cherish. Group involvement is always encouraged to enhance the experience of everyone present. Peter's caricatures have featured on Channel 9's THE BLOCK 2012series./> 

Peter has recently been an entertainer on cruise ships travelling around the world drawing caricatures of guests on board.

Peter has worked for Worldcare Assist being their drawcard at IDP and ISANA conferences all over Australia and parts of New Zealand. Not only was Peter drawing caricatures but he was also disguised as a character to add extra spice to the trade stall to attract existing clients and potential clients. Peter’s quick wit, friendly approach and love for entertaining are qualities that draw people in.
Westpac hired Peter’s caricaturing skills to represent them at the many university campuses in Melbourne and Sydney for the Graduate Fairs. The university students seeking employment with the many varied companies were mostly drawn to Westpac because of the FREE caricatures. Lining up at the trade stall for a drawing the students could then interact with the Westpac staff and have all their questions answered in a fun, light-hearted environment. The Westpac stall was nominated by the students as the best stall.
 The beauty of having a caricaturist entertain potential clients is that they stay around the trade stall longer rather than grabbing a handful of lollies or a stress ball and quickly moving on.
Peter has worked locally, interstate and overseas representing many various companies attracting guests, existing and potential clients utilising his humour and artistic skills at trade shows, conferences, conventions and Christmas functions.  Such companies include Westpac, ANZ Bank, Draeger Safety, Worldcare Assist, FOX FM, Middys, Orroton, Victoria Police, Chisholm TAFE, Monash University , Holmsglen TAFE, Swann Insurance and many more. 
 Peter has worked at a variety of private functions including weddings, hens’ nights, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, Christmas functions, birthday parties, dinner parties and house warmings.  Peter’s aim is to uplift peoples’ lives with an entertaining caricature which takes 3-4 minutes but the experience lasts a lifetime. Peter is very comfortable drawing any person who wishes to be drawn from babies to seniors, males and females regardless of their ethnicity. The caricatures are usually drawn on  A4 card.
For special occasions Peter can have a B/W caricature drawn of the person/couple and print it onto each card for the guest‘s caricature. Company logos can also be printed onto A4 and A3 cards.
Each caricature is drawn in ink using markers with various thicknesses to add detail. A grey marker is then added for shading and highlighting. Within the 3-4 minute caricature a cartoon body is also drawn. Depending on the line of people waiting for a drawing a standard body is drawn for males and females holding a glass of wine or beer. Peter aims to get through the crowd as quickly as possible, hence drawing a standard body. However, if there are no huge lines during a function Peter can draw bodies performing specific tasks as requested by the guest (within reason, of course). This may take a little bit longer. 
For weddings, birthday parties or events celebrating a particular person, Peter can create a B/W caricature of the person/people and reduce it to fit neatly in the bottom left-hand corner of the sheets where the guest’s caricature will be drawn. The host receives the original caricature. This is an added service to the function and extra costs apply.
Caricatures for that special person as a gift are very popular and can be given for any occasion. A full colour, A3-sized caricature can be created into a scene incorporating 2 or 3 interests associated with that person.
Aside from caricatures Peter’s artistic skills extend to painting murals for public places and inside homes. The Dandenong hospital children’s ward has been decorated with Peter’s original cartoon characters interacting with one another on the snow planes.
For those in the medical industry you may have seen Peter’s detailed instructional illustrations on how to use Penthrox for pain relief. Commonly used by paramedics on the scene of an accident.  Ecolab have also utilised Peter’s instructional illustrations on how to operate industrial dishwashers and the application of their cleaning chemicals.
Peter’s various artistic skills include painting murals, illustrations, portraits, instructional illustrations, designing logos, spirit guide drawings, storyboards, cartoons (single gags and comic strips).

Client to supply: Table and 2 Chairs in a well lit area, refreshments and parking close to venue

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