Location: Summer Hill, Sydney
Country: Australia

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Travel cost is dependent on location. Free within the Inner West. 

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The Traveller Artist! - the beloved and talented cartoon artist 

With over 15000 caricatures and portraits under her belt, she is an experienced cartoon artist. Over the last 10 years she's been drawing people from all walks of life around the world. Beside Europe she has travelled to many countries including Australia, United Arab Emirates and South Africa, participating in events and the World's greatest art festivals. She draws quick and funny cartoons of babies, kids, couples, friends, colleagues, grandparents or entire families in a blink of an eye which they can take home and cherish forever. Everyone loves her work as it is always magical to see how a face comes alive through a couple of lines on an empty sheet of paper. Besides her work she teaches art to adults and kids where she is able to summarise all her experience and encourage others. 

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