The Kind Caricaturist
Location: Ipswich, Brisbane
Country: Australia

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The Kind Caricaturist draws caricatures on location with a capacity to incorporate themes of relevance for individual clients (e.g. a 50's theme, animal, Christmas etc.). The title of the Kind Caricaturist was adopted (and registered as a Business Name) in response to feedback from various independant clients who detected an underlying 'kindness' in Alan Tulloch's caricatures. Alan Tulloch, as the Kind Caricaturist, has been drawing caricatures at private and business functions for over 20 years.

The way caricatures are done can be creative.  Sometimes clients want a single large caricature to be drawn of one person, surrounded by guests.  A new feature is to do Caricature Mashups which combine features from 3-4 people in the each drawing.

The Kind Caricaturist can also draw onsite portraits. Additionally The Kind Caricaturist can draw larger scale caricatures for gifts, anniversaries, birthdays etc.

The Kind Caricaturist turns out 7-8 caricatures in per hour, providing entertainment to many as everyone wants to see how the adventurous haves been caricatured.

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