Wild Bill Hickok
Location: Darlinghurst, Sydney

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Look! It's Wild Bill Hickok! Stand back! The marshall's back in town and he's takin' no prisoners. The historic indian scout turned lawman is riding into your territory to dipense frontier justice to the baddies and protect the women and children. The famous wild west marshall will bring order to your event as a roving lawman or to run the show as an MC. He is the natural choice for any western themed events or parties.

Charles Anthony, who brings this character to life is one of the most sought after performers in the corporate entertainment field in Australia and the U.S. He brings together his talents and experience as an actor, master of ceremonies, dancer, singer, mime, voiceover artist, physical comedian and writer to create memorable and exciting characters for each project. His experience as a stage manager, make-up artist, director, choreographer and stunt man adds to the diversity and professionalism he provides for each client’s particular needs.

Charles has performed for hundreds of corporate events throughout Australia and the U.S. during the past 10 years for such companies as

  • American Airlines,
  • Microsoft,
  • American Express,
  • Star City Casino,
  • Arnott’s,
  • Smith Snack food Company,
  • The Australian Olympic Committee,
  • Westpac Bank,
  • IBM,
  • Orange,
  • Amway,
  • Commonwealth Bank,
  • Optus,
  • Telstra,
  • AMP,
  • Union Carbide,
  • Mercantile Mutual,
  • A.C. Nielson,
  • The Australian Navy,
  • Nestle,
  • Schwarzkopf,
  • Woolworths
  • and many others.

From silly to serious, subtle to surreal and every shade in between, Charles Anthony can help make your next event a resounding success.

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