Paparazzi & Elfarazzi
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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THE REAL PAPARAZZI - Fabulous French pro photographer Fifi LaTour and fast talking New York reporter Frank Fibonacci are ready to shoot the Stars of your next red carpet event, cocktail party or awards night. Equipped with flashy pro cameras and one-liners they will awaken the celebrity in anyone they try to snap. Not only will your guests be entertained but also captured for posterity. In other words, all the happy paparazzi pics are yours to keep and distribute to the lucky subjects.
Charles Anthony aka Frank, is a motor mouth who’s rapid – fire Brooklyn delivery will make anyone smile, even the most camera shy individuals.
Eva Trust aka Fifi, is fast with the camera, having years of experience chasing the perfect shot, from fine art to tabloid photography and almost everything in between. She will capture your guests from their best angles only! Promise! No Stars without make-up here! The shots will be edited, so you don’t have to wade through 500 pics on a website. Only the best for you!
Just in:  Special for the Festive Season, we are introducing the Christmas ELFARAZZI.  What are Elfarazzi you ask?  Bernard and Billy are Elves equipped with cameras and Christmas Cheer.  Why take a Selfie when you can have an Elfie?  Besides entertaining your guests as they enter your Christmas party and getting that perfect party snap, they can also get the party started with dancing, singing Christmas Carols and helping hand out presents (with or without Santa) while still continuing to take high quality photos of all the goings on. 
This dynamic duo will start up your event leaving people feeling glam and energized plus everyone will end up with a collection of wonderful keepsakes.
Charles can then continue the entertainment with one of dozens of characters he has embodied and performed in corporate events throughout Australia, either roving the crowd and/or running the show as MC. 
Eva can continue in character as paparazzi shooting your entire event or she can change into her off stage subtle pro photographer persona to document your party as herself.
Charles has performed as Master of Ceremonies for hundreds of corporate events throughout Australia and the U.S. during the past 10 years for such companies as American Airlines, Microsoft, American Express, Star City Casino, Arnotts, Smiths Snack Food Company, The Australian Olympic Committee, Westpac Bank, IBM, Orange, Amway, Commonwealth Bank, Optus, Telstra, AMP, Union Carbide, Mercantile Mutual, A.C. Nielson, The Australian Navy, Nestle, Schwarzkopf, Woolworths and many, many others.
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