The Perth Mermaids
Location: Perth, Perth
Country: Australia

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Mermaid Amelia and Mermaid Jessica Pearl can bring a little bit of mystery and enchantment to your wet or dry event as a mermaid duo.

We can entertain adults and children alike through underwater performance or even on dry land. We are in our element on the beach in the surf but also love to set up our ocean grotto on land.

You can also find us in our 12m mermaid tank where we can swim freely in our incredibly realistic prosthetic mermaid tails and interact with people through the glass.

We love singing, dancing, blowing bubbles, telling tales of the ocean and sharing our passion for our aquatic environment.

Available for water performance, events, promotions, parties festivals, modeling, public speaking and education.

Green, Blue, Nemo (Orange), Dory (Dark Blue) and Pink tails now available. 

We aim to inspire joy, entertainment, curiosity, engagement and lasting memories. We do this through imagination and creativity mixed with ocean mythology and biology. We love to share and promote love and care for our environment and each other through the wonder of being a mermaid.




Client to provide:  Refreshments, a private and secure change room (toilets are not acceptable) and parking close to venue.

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