Wonder Woman
Country: Australia

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Wonder Woman

Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman is the daughter of Zeus, a demi god and Amazonia warrior. She's the ultimate kick-ass girl-power hero and she's back on the silver screen saving the world in true superhero style.


With her magic lasso, indestructible shield, bullet-deflecting wristband and show-stopping beauty, Wonder Woman is the perfect symbol of truth, justice and honour and a great representation of all the enchantment that super heroes should be.


Wonder Woman is great for:

·         Roving entertainment

·         Large scale multi-faceted events

·         Intimate parties

·         Festivals

·         Kids parties

·         Comic and Cosplay conventions

·         Meet and greet events

·         Photo ops and signings or

·         Live-action choreographed shows that can be catered to your specific needs

The original goddess-super hero, Wonder Woman will dazzle and enchant all while crushing bad guys and inspiring future super heroes!

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